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The Story Behind The Brand

Our Philosophy

Where clothing meets community. 
Find your people, find your tribe… embrace your heritage

Heritage Professional Apparel is a community-driven brand that designs innovative apparel for medical professionals, both on and off the clock, to live, move and work with everyday ease.

Founded on the philosophy that clothing is an extension of who we are, what we value and where we belong, our brand aims to bridge the gap between clothing and community - style and solidarity - to not only enhance the diversity of the workforce, but also, to embrace our heritage - of all people, of all paths, of all cultures - building a newfound sense of unity, togetherness and belonging within healthcare.

Our Mission

To merge function with fashion by designing innovative, comfortable and stylish workwear that supports and empowers the workforce.

We understand the healthcare industry calls for long hours, demanding work ethics and on-the-go living, but we also understand that healthcare professionals want to look and feel good doing it. 

Our mission is simple: to merge function with fashion by creating innovative ways to design high-quality, versatile and comfortable workwear, without compromising on trend. From durable uniforms to after-work lounge gear, we ensure everyone can live, move and work throughout their day with both comfort and style..

Our Vision

To build a culture of community by enhancing the diversity of the workforce and embracing our heritage.

Welcoming all people, across all professional paths within healthcare, our essential vision is to connect people to their roots, their purpose and their community, together

Because we believe clothing is an expression of who we are and where we belong in the world, we aim to redefine how healthcare apparel is worn by putting workforce diversity, cultural heritage and social impact at the forefront of our brand.

Community-driven by nature, we design clothing that goes beyond enhancing how professionals look, but instead, unites people.

Find Your People, Find Your Tribe...
Embrace Your Heritage!

Find Your People, Find Your Tribe…

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Social Impact

Supporting and nurturing underprivileged communities is a key pillar within our brand. We aim to do our part and give back by offering a percentage of our total revenue to local and international non-profit organizations that align with our values.


Building a culture of community and belonging, our brand aims to celebrate workforce diversity, heritage and unity by bringing people together - as one - within the workspace.


Fusing functional gear with fashionable styles, we’re all about developing innovative ways to make everyday workwear high-quality, durable and versatile whilst also remaining comfortable, stylish and cost-effecient.

High Quality

We pride ourselves on ensuring every detail - from design, production, delivery and service - is done with precision, care and quality in mind.

Our Story

Being in the healthcare industry requires a certain kind of spirit. Tenacity. Selflessness. And without a doubt, heroism. But, beyond the long grueling hours, demanding work ethics and on-the-go-living, medical professionals are bonded by something much stronger: to serve, support and save our global community, together. It is our goal to help you gear up while you go out there to be the heroes that you are!

Our brand has carefully researched all your pain points - your unmet needs in medical apparel waiting to be satisfied. With our patent pending designs, we have diligently curated our products  to make medical apparel more functional without compromising style and comfort. Pockets? We've go 'em! Style? Bring it on!

Founded and designed by a healthcare provider after consulting with numerous providers and colleagues, we bring to you medical apparel that will truly CHANGE HOW YOU FEEL about your everyday workwear. 

Our fabric blend comprises of moisture wicking, four way stretch, antimicrobial, and wrinkle resistant material.